How to use the LED for the lights in the models

When making it a lighting formula, LED(Light Emitting Diode) of a light is good. Heat with little (electricity is not consumed) consumption current comes out of and twists an advantage, and it can be used semipermanently. A circuit is also easy if it is used in combination with CRD (Current Regulator Diode).

When especially room light is equipped, in especially long train of ten or more coachs, an effect is large. Only 500mA (0.5A) is consumed by ten cars noting that consumption current is 50mA per car. A powerless power pack is also OK. This eats numbers of Ampere by 12V light bulb. Things also have the electric bulb of a coach as consuming electric power far from the motor of an engine.

Although room light is using the light panel, since LED has directivity and it cannot illuminate a large angle, it is used in the two directions of order. White LED is good for expressing the incandescence light of the old type car to the high luminosity yellow LED and a fluorescent light. The bridge diode is put into the circuit. Although a light panel has a good thing made from KATSUMI in space, it can use, if it cuts also with the product made from Endo from middle to two.

When using for a headlight, although the high luminosity LED and white LED put in a protection diode since it seems that reverse voltage durability is low, even if there are no ordinary red and ordinary yellow in insensible one, they are OK.

The commercial general-purpose board was used having cut it small, and the circuit has unit-ized it. Although arrangement is narrow, according to the size of the body, it is collecting compactly. It is easy to treat such a direction at the time of attachment.

A setup of the kind of LED and the current per LED is performed as follows.

Head light Yellow LED 25mA (15mA is used in parallel with 10mA of CRD)
Tail light Red LED 10mA
Room light (incandescence light) Yellow LED (High luminosity25mA (15mA is used in parallel with 10mA of CRD)
Room light (fluorescent light) White LED 25mA (15mA is used in parallel with 10mA of CRD)

* Probably, the high luminosity yellow LED will be good to make headlights, such as a new model, bright. white LED is fit for halogen lights. Moreover, if an orange and green are used for room light, it will become a peculiar (it is strange!) mood.


LED: -- a maker -- unknown (thing with a diameters [, such as red, yellow, high luminosity yellow, and white, ] of 3mm)
CRD: Ishizuka electron E103 (10mA), E153 (15mA)
base: -- Sunhayato ICB- 86, ICB86G, and Takasu IC-701-70 Etc.

Reference books

page 96-97 TMS Hobby of Model Railroading No. 646(the October, 1998 issue) , page 34 of No. 651(the February, 1999 issue)

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