Loofing for the old timer passenger cars

A suede tone paint is easy to be moved by expression of the canvas roof of the old model coach. I think that there are also many people who appeared also in the report of a magazine and tried. This was rather good although I also used for the 35 type and the 43 type coach of KATO. However, although it thought that this would be purchased when the new coachs were added several years ago, it does not sell. I also heard rumor with a manufacture stop.

Although I was troubled, I purchased and used the stone tone spray which was in the same counter. Since this is an acrylics paint, it is OK also to a plastic. Although it was the touch which was rough by slight coarseness compared with "suede", as long as it saw from a distant view, there is also no sense of incongruity so much. It arranges very much. If it photographs by rises, such as a photograph, although it will be an exaggerated scale, it is used enough. Although I have not done yet, I also have the hand finished with a sandpaper.

Asahipen Stone tone spray 300ml Color: Black granite (there are some kinds of colors)

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