Visiting the enginehouse

A model photo story

Text by M.Yatake

On a holiday of a certain early summer , I woke up early and visited the local line of a plateau with the friend. After taking the scenery with the trains in an area along the railway line, we rode on the mixed train which SHIGOROKU pulls, and went to the station of a plateau. When a window is opened wide, the air of the plateau in early summer is fresh and comfortable.
We arrived at the station after about 1 hour riding on the train which runs leisurely. Although clear air will not necessarily be enjoyed, every train surely takes a rest here. In fact, there is a small enginehouse here.



This enginehouse not having an obstacle in the neighborhood, It is convenient for photography. I have already come here for several times in several years therefor I know what locomotives are coming here. They are my favorite old type ones.
HACHIROKU which I want was enjoying a short rest today. In the enginehouse of the stale building of brick, today may be a day of check or something, an old type diesel car was resting.

It passed about 1 hour, and 2120 called B6 has returned from work shortly. It is the countenance of not being defeated by good health and the young fellow still more, but, as it worked, it came out of the Meiji era and it has been tired for a while.

enginehouse1 enginehouse1

Since this neighborhood is highlands, a winter season will become cold fairly. The wooden cover is made the tank in the water tower for freeze prevention.
Although it was somewhat regrettable that a time zone did not suit and KYUROKU was not today A picture of all engines was taken in the photograph, and I was greatly satisfied.


HACHIROKU a while ago went toward the direction of a station slowly after a while. The next work will be taken up. It seems to be the up-train with which We ride after this.


Immediately after it, The new style diesel car of a down train carried out by passing lightly. It will also be slight that a fine sight of engines can be caught. How many times can I visit this by then?
It has grown dark very much unawares. We buy the packaged station lunch of a noted product, and ride on the train which HACHIROKU pulls.

--- END ---
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