Lonely trip on the local lines

Kumagaya line of Tobu railways,1983
The memories with snaps by Masaki Yatake

Kumagaya line of Tobu railway had connected between Kumagaya and Menuma(10.1km), in Saitama prefecture. It had been single track and had not been electrified. It was abolished on May 31st,1998. On a day near abolishment, I had visited there to take the pictures. A small diesel-car had run slowly and she had seemed free from care.

The diesel car, type 2000, at Kumagaya station The diesel car, type 2000, at Kumagaya station. The platform of Kumagaya line had been located under the elevated railway of Tohoku-Shinkansen.

Kumagaya line's platform. Chichibu railways also had used common platform of Kumagaya line. But the rails had been cut with a buffer. A train of Chichibu railways is seen over there. Kumagaya line's platform

A view of Menuma station's house A view of Menuma station's house(booking office.etc.) from platform. The station's house and the platform had been separated a little. A car is another one of type 2000 diesel car.

A front view of Menuma station. An old red postbox by the side of station had been full in local mood. A front view of Menuma station

The engine-house There had been the engine-house built of wood in the back of Menuma station. Also a water tank had been there. The rail of main line had been extended a little from the station. The track layout around engine-house had designed switch-back from the main line. There had been a bank of Tonegawa-river in the back of the end of the rail.

The train at Menuma station. The rail to Koizumi(Gunma prefecture) hadn't extended at last,and hadn't been crossed over Tonegawa-river which is a border of the prefectures. The train at Menuma station


Kumakgaya line of Tobu railway,1983

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