Lonely trip on the local lines
Komatsushima line,JNR,1985.
The memories by snaps of Masaki Yatake

Komatsushima line had been short and its distance had been 1.9km. The line had connected between Chuden and Komatsushima. Chuden is near Tokushima and is on Mugi line. Mugi line connects between Tokushima and Kaifu. The line had extended to Komatsushima-kou(kou=bay) and had connected to the ferry bound for Wakayama. Komatsushima-kou station had had its own name and platform. But it had not been regular station, because it had managed as a part of Komatsushima station. Therefor the business-kilometers between Komatsushima and Komatsushima-kou had not been established.
Komatsushima line was abolished on March 13th,1985. I have visited there on February 27th,1985.

Komatsushima station Komatsushima station's yard and the booking office house. The yard had been large for an end point of local line. Komatsushim station had had the beautiful stone-built platform,and the plants and trees had been trimmed well.

Komatsushima station's name board had had the name of Komatsushima-kou as next station. At that time, an index map in the timetable had indicated that Komatsushima-kou station had been as independent one. But it had not been regular station. Some of passenger cars(series 50) had been seen in the yard. Komatsushima station's name board

The end of Komatsushima-kou station's platform The end of Komatsushima-kou station's platform. There had been a booking office in back and it had sold Komatsushima station's hard paper platform ticket. There had been the way to ferry next to the crossing, and the end of the rail had been at next to the pier.
Some elder Chikuwa vender women had sold Chikuwa to the passengers. I have bought it. It was simple taste Chikuwa rolled around thin bamboo. It was very delicious and I think that it was most delicious Chikuwa in Japan. (Chikuwa is Japanese traditional food which is broiled paste of white fish meat) Now it may be sold at Minami-komatsushima station.

The express train named Yoshino-gawa is at Komatsushima-kou station. It is bound for Awa-Ikeda. The express trains had gone through to Komatsushima-kou to connect the ferry bound for Wakayama. The cars had been series ki-ha 58,diesel cars. The express train named Yoshino-gawa


Komatsushima line,JNR,1985

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