Running by the local trains by Masaki Yatake.

I have a wish which is running all of the railway lines around the world by local train. The first step is to run around Japan. The targets of record are railways,trams,monorails,new transit systems and cable cars. Ropeways and abolished railways are reference record. I have the terms for authorizing records.

The terms of running and visiting.
1. Ride on a local train which stops almost all of the stations on the target line.
2. Ride on the trains in the hours which is possible to see scenery. (from sunrise to sunset)
3. See scenery from the windows of both side of a car if possible.
4. Authorize visited station(going out), when going out from a railway station to walk and watch scenery around there.
5.Authorize visited station(coming in), when coming in a railway station after walking and watching scenery around there.

Now some people finished riding all the railway lines around Japan completely. But I am unfortunate for enough money and time. So I don't know when I will finish riding all the railway lines around the world completely.

The records of running(Japan).(Aug 8th,2002)
distance run distance percentage
Total 27,285.9km 17,948.9km 65.78%
JR lines 19,881.9km 15,754.8km 74.93%
Private lines 5,433.6km 1,830.0km 39.20%
Third sector lines 1,940.4km 929.4km 46.74%

Number of the stations visited(Japan).(Aug 8th,2002)
Total 934
JR lines 380
Private lines 534
Third sector lines 20

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